Riyadh Urban Development

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Aerial view of development


YRM Architects
Philip Babb Design Architect

The Riyadh City Centre Development will provide 50,000 square metres of retail, 20,000 square metres of offices and 15,000 square metres of housing adjacent to the newly completed government centre. The development guidelines split the site into three distinct zones: the Shopping Village to the north, the Central Souk to the south, and the Heritage Village to the east. The Shopping Village will contain enclosed air-conditioned shopping with offices above. The Central Souk will provide traditional open-air souks and housing. And, in a more traditional environment, the Heritage Village will provide additional souks and housing.

Using historic street patterns and regional urban precedents the design creates a series of paths and spaces which connects the three separate development zones into a coherent sequence of events. Each zone embodies a character and scale specific to its use. Throughout the development primary and secondary spaces are utilised to enhance and add variety to the urban experience. Much consideration is given to the severe climate. Shaded courtyards and arcades predominate the public and private spaces, and traditional wind towers, serving the Central Souk’s lower floors, grace the skyline.