Nurmi Isle House III

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • East view from Fiesta Way


House 3 creates private outdoor space by placing the main form of the house at the northern edge of the site. A landscaped garden, running along the south side of the site, holds the living room pavilion, a two-story, curved wall structure of stucco and glass. The placement of the living room pavilion creates two, interconnected gardens: the entry garden and the waterside garden.

The living room’s diagonal two-story glass wall overlooks the Rio Cervantes Waterway and connects the living space with the dining room in the west end of the three-story main house. Accessible from the third floor, a large rooftop terrace sits atop the living room pavilion.

The three-story form on the north side of the site contains a 2-car garage, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and bedrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, shaded by large balcony and roof overhangs, overlook the south garden and the waterway to the west.