Pine Hills House

Atlanta, Georgia

  • Entry View

  • Design diagrams: existing house; existing sloped roof extended; new flat roof additions wrap existing house

  • Side View

  • Garden View

  • Aerial view from east

  • Aerial view from southwest

  • View from street


Atlanta A.I.A. Residential Design Award

Built in 1958, the original two-bedroom house typifies the decade’s modern home aesthetic of open interior space, low profile rooflines and floor to ceiling windows.

Fifty years later, a new owner, attracted to the home’s modern pedigree, resisted conventional wisdom and decided to renovate and enlarge rather than demolish and rebuild.

The renovations and additions include a new master bedroom suite, a larger carport, a larger eat-in kitchen, an entertainment courtyard and a more prominent front entry. The work also includes new windows and skylights to brighten the interiors, darkened by large roof overhangs and redwood walls and ceilings.

The design utilizes two simple forms: a single-sloped roof over the existing redwood structure and a flat roof over the new stucco addition.

The new, sloped roof profile is created by removing the roof over the existing living room and carport and by extending the slope of the remaining roof. The living room’s new, higher ceiling allows larger windows on the east and west exposures and a new clerestory window on the south wall.

The flat-roof addition incorporates all of the interior and exterior expansions of the existing structure. In the front, the roofline provides a more prominent entry from the new drive court and visually links the extension of the existing carport to the main body of the house. In the rear, the roof form frames an outdoor extension of the interior living space as it visually ties the existing structure to the master bedroom addition.

The new drive court and flanking landscaped wall also work to enhance the existing entry. The paved extension allows the re-orientation of the entry steps and provides more space for visitor parking.